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 We believe that I.T. should be easy for businesses, that interacting with clients should be fun, and that professional accountability must be high. Continue your career growth in an organization that values and rewards innovation, effort, and results. Do you have what IT takes? Join the family and take your career to the next level.       
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We Embody Our Values

Our tight-knit culture addresses and enhances employees' workplace experiences in a way that creates a motivated workforce positioned to achieve both corporate strategic goals and personal career goals.

Be Supportive
We support and empower our team members every day. If each individual has the power to create something great, imagine what we could create together.
Be Selective
Instill compassion, integrity, and confidence in yourself and in your team while contributing to the growth of F12. We respect the creative process and understand great work takes time.
Be Engaged
Speak and be heard in an open environment. Employees are always encouraged to speak up demonstrating openness and transparency. It is the F12 goal to foster creative thinkers, not instill a fear of mistakes.
Be Passionate
They say pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. Taste the flavor of success in your career by doing what you love every day. See each experience as an opportunity to create innovation and think outside the box.
Be Meticulous
It's all in the details - in all things, at all stages. Being detail-oriented is a vital component to our success and is what often turns a good idea into a profitable business. It's about doing IT right.
Be Pleasant
Our team is filled with an insatiable need to explore, to grow and to conquer. Everything we do reflects our core values.

"What I love about working at F12.net is the people surrounding me. Everyone is very accepting and approachable. This even goes as far as the CEO who can be found taking his lunches in the lunchroom with everyone else, engaging in conversations, or joining everyone on an outing to Boston Pizza after work. Because everyone is so approachable, there is always someone willing to listen and hear your ideas."

- Lane Terry, Information Systems Developer


Enjoying Your Career is Our Priority

We have fun, we laugh, and we make F12 a happy place to hang - but we also know how to get IT done. F12 is only as exceptional as the people in it, so we treat you nothing less than exceptional. Work hard and there will be plenty to celebrate.

Dynamic Culture Diversity is our strength. Inclusivity is our culture. We make sure to cultivate leaders and build a company that mirrors our audiences.
Health Spending Accounts Health and wellness takes more than an apple a day. That's why we've got you covered on saving for the now and future.
Pristine Office More than one-third of your life is spent in an office. We created an environment to make work feel more welcoming and well, less like work.
Travel Opportunities There's nothing better than traveling and getting paid for it, right? Experience new adventures while broadening your knowledge outside the office.
Growth Opportunities The best way to learn if something will work is to just do IT. Each day is a new opportunity to grow, and we'll be right there supporting you.
Benefits Package It should go without saying that our employees get a comprehensive benefits package - but we're saying it anyway. And why not add in three weeks vacation and flex days.

Work with top leaders

Leadership cultivates the foundation of our culture to empower you to achieve the F12 mission. No matter your position, you will have the opportunity to work alongside the CEO and stakeholders to develop and execute best practices inside and outside of work.

Your work matters

When you feel engaged in a dynamic and caring work culture, your performance, pride, and loyalty skyrocket the company and its clients to success. Know that every contribution you make takes us one step closer to achieving our goals. 


F12 Employees Come First

Joseph Hughes  

Information Systems Manager

"F12 offers an environment where you can swiftly grow beyond your starting point. F12 allows you to fight for the success you desire and encourages you to seek new opportunities on a regular basis. You are never limited to the position, or department you start in and there are means available to expand your skills into any area of the business that you want to go. Through one on one mentorship, feedback and a focus on continuing education, f12 is the ideal environment for people who want more."

Kallie Enkhtaivan  

Onboarding Remote Specialist

"Best part about F12.net, hands down, the people - across all departments. I love working with such passionate, smart, fun people. F12.net is my home away from home, here I am surrounded by family. You are not just a number here, you are a valued member of the company! Your ideas are heard, your creativity is encouraged, and your passion is recognized and admired."

Nima Neyestani  

DC Operations Technician

"I believe a company is only as good as its employees and what I can say after a few months of working here at F12 is that everyone does truly care about their job, the company’s vision and their co-workers. In my experience this only happens when a company cares about its employees in the first place. To me, this explains why in such a competitive market F12 is doing so well."

Angela Brauner 

Regional Coordinator

"The role of Regional Coordinator is unique in a way I never thought possible. Here at F12, this role not only challenges you, but pushes you out of your comfort zone. You end up doing things you didn’t believe you could. Most of all, there is always room for advancement and a chance for growth. If it is one thing I have learned here at F12, it is that this role does not just stop here. No one person is “stuck” in a role. I truly stand by the quote, ‘If you can dream it, you can become it.’ All it takes is motivation, determination and the right leadership behind you."

Kenny Pang 

DC Operations Technician

"One of the great things about F12.net is that they allow me to be at the forefront of technology. I'm responsible for ensuring the Data Center is always up and running, along with integrating new and exciting technologies. F12 places great trust in my ability to maintain and grow a vital piece of our business."

Shami Phagoo 

Onboarding Specialist

"During my time with F12.net, there has been a constant drive toward growth. On a company level, we've grown from a Regional Managed Service Provider to a National Productivity Provider. For our clients, we take care of their IT so they can focus on what they do best. My personal career has mirrored that growth, as there are always opportunities to learn and try new things, new responsibilities, and new roles that are there for the taking. Provided you are willing to put in the work and drive your career, our clients, and the company, forward."

Devon Perry 

Project Services Manager

"Working at F12.net has been a dream come true. The company’s culture, aesthetic and people make you proud to call yourself a networker and excited to wake up and go to “work” every morning. F12 truly understands talent and how to nurture it, if they see potential in you they will do their best to bring it out of you and bring you to your best professional self that you can be. F12 is a very well put together business that’s always thinking and driving forward, I’m extremely grateful that they chose to pick me up for the ride."

Luis Palacios 

VP of Southern Alberta

"F12 has given me the opportunity to grow my career over the past few years. Not only do they believe in their employees but they support you in overcoming any challenges that you encounter along the way. F12 is a growing company that has ensured their employees have a seat on the bus as we continue our journey to being a loyal aid to visionary leaders and their teams."

Cristian Sides 

M&A Financial Advisor

“Working for F12 is not your typical 8 to 5 job. The culture and people are special. At F12 you feel as a valued and respected team member. Your fellow Networkers are down-to-earth, take the time to get to know you on a personal level and love to have fun – who doesn’t enjoy the random game of hacky sack in the middle of the day or playing for the F12 soccer team. At F12 you are one big family. F12 has an aggressive growth plan to be the largest MSP in Canada and if you want to be involved in a growing organization that provides continual learning experiences and opportunity for advancement, F12 is the place for you!"


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